Battle of the Books by Sherry Gick

Nerdy Book Club

Five years ago, on my very first day in my new position as middle/high school librarian, our Agriculture teacher came into the library and told me we needed to start a Battle of the Books program at our school.  I immediately said, “Sounds great! Let’s do it!”  Followed by, “What is it?”  (Those of you who know me won’t be the least bit surprised by my reaction and the seemingly out of order steps.  I tend to embrace ideas quickly and jump in without a lot of forethought…)  He proceeded to explain all about it, based on his involvement with his own children at a neighboring county school.  I told him I was definitely in because it sounded fantastic.  Saying yes and beginning Battle of the Books has been one of the best decisions ever for my students and staff.

battle of the books

So, what is Battle of the Books?  While…

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