The Story of the Giant Sequoia + a Giveaway

The Story of the Giant Sequoia + a Giveaway.

via The Story of the Giant Sequoia + a Giveaway.

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I am so excited to read this beautiful new book!

After visiting the Merced Grove of Sequoia’s in Yosemite this summer, this book is just the thing I need!

If we’re going to categorize it, it is both informational and lyrical. In my mind, that makes it nonfiction. What does the Library of Congress say? It is poetry, and thus would be catalogued and shelved with the poetry.

How can it be used in the classroom? To teach both informational and narrative text types, and the figurative language of poetry. It could be used to teach research, and how research can be presented in a variety of ways.




Ten Plants that Shook the World; Seeds of Change

I just came across two amazing books — one brand new, and one very old — and am using them to teach how plants have moved around the globe — particularly potatoes, as that is a focus of our school garden program. Plants can be used as a frame of reference to look at global migration, and the impact that the movement of people and plants has had across the world. IMG_1037 IMG_1038


This is an amazing book, looking at the history of a city and a tree, using the scope of a tree’s life as a frame of reference. Kind of puts things in perspective when you think of how long a tree lives. It would be great to use it as a way to study our own neighborhoods or cities, and as a way of studying plants and trees.